10 Healthy Items on the Paleo Diet Shopping List

Shopping List:

1. Nuts. Any assortments!
2. Eggs. Mixed, poached, over simple… the eggtastic fun doesn't stop!
3. Crisp herbs and flavors. Eating Paleo is a foodie's fantasy with new herbs and flavors to season things up.

4. Wild fish. With such a variety of fishy assortments each with diverse medical advantages its difficult to get exhausted with this protein.
5. Natural product. From berries to melons to fruits.
6. Mushrooms. High in selenium, 'shrooms of all assortments fill your tummy with sustenance!

7. Green verdant veggies. Paleos stock up on kale, spinach, argula and other dull verdant greens to help get calcium and iron.
8. Root veggies. Since grains aren't a piece of the Paleo Diet, most carbs originate from root vegetables.
9. Fats. Yummy, yummy fats! On the Paleo Diet you get a lot of avocado and coconut.
10. Meat. you can use buffalo, or any case any animal protein.

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