Banana Ice Cream

Wayy to follow:


Take 4-5 ready bananas (the more ready the better – they ought to have at any rate a couple of cocoa ), peel them, and add to a plastic cooler pack to stop overnight until they're totally strong. They will keep for in any event a week.


Cut the bananas into 1/2 inch lumps and add them to a sustenance processor. See the banana pieces in the photo above? They're far too enormous and they just gotten in the cutting edges and spun around until I got keen and cut them littler. Spare yourself the inconvenience: utilize little banana pieces.

After around 45-60 seconds, the bananas ought to be completely mixed into a smooth, rich, and light solidified sweet. Be mindful so as not to overprocess or the erosion from the processor will start to dissolve the dessert. You can appreciate this treat immediately for best results, however it will likewise stop well for a day or tw

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